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From: michael lemley
Subject: Generation X 2Disclaimer- X-Men is a registered trademark of Marvel Entertainment Studios
and this is just a work of fiction and fantasy...if it is illegal for you
to view sexual or homosexual stuff go away.Generation-Xby Michael JohnsonTORTURE ROOM
For once in his life, Chad had a glimmer of hope. He knew that he
was most likely going to see freedom. He looked at the two women and
studied their appearances. The one on the left was white with auburn
hair. She wore a tight-fitting uniform with a huge X on kds top sex free the front. . The
other woman was black with white hair and blue eyes. Chad covered his body gay boy kds
with his blue wings and sat up. The
white-haired woman came up to him cautiously. "My name is Orroro
Munroe. This is my friend, Dr. Jean Grey-Summers. We are here to help
you. Are you alright?" She spoke with a voice like velvet. He knew she had to be one of
the "good guys". The other woman came up to him and kneeled down. "Who did
this to you?" "His name is Mezmero. He's dangerous, you shouldn't be here." Chad
told them. Jean looked at Storm and telepathically said, Storm put her hand out to Chad, "Let me help you up." Chad grabbed
her hand and pulled himself up. "Lean on me." Storm said. With that, she
helped him walk out of the torture room. Jean walked behind them.THE BLACKBIRD When they got to the jet, Jean buckled him in. "What's your name,
sweetie?" "Chad" "Well, Chad, you are safe now. You never have to worry about
Mezmero again. We are taking you to a place where you can just be yourself
in a safe and calm environment." And with that, she went to the co-pilot's
chair and strapped herself in. Storm punched in the launch sequence and
they were in the air.
The trip to the "safe haven" was a surprisingly short one. When
they landed in the hangar, the seat belts automatically opened and Chad
stood up. He walked into the Blackbird's hangar and had to take a step
back. It was filled with the brightest light he had ever seen. He followed
the women to an elevator and then up to an office. Jean knocked once on the
door and a man's voice said "Please, come in."
The office walls were dark mahogany wood. An older man sat in a
wheel chair behind a mahogany desk. "Chad, good morning and welcome shy cuties kds to the
Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. I am Professor Charles Xavier. I
would like to extend my most humble greetings. Now, you need to meet the
staff." People began filing in. Chad watched in amazement as all sorts of
people walked in the door. He knew that he wasn't is topkds legal one of a kind. When
everyone had entered the office, Xavier started talking again. As he said
each faculty member's name, they waved and gave them a warm smile. "Scott
Summers, Dr. Hank McCoy, Orroro Munroe, Jean Grey, Logan, Rogue, and kds top sex free Remy
LeBeau." Xavier handed Chad a card and a map. He gave Storm a slight nod
and she got up. "Orroro will show you to your room." Chad walked out schol kds porno first
followed by his "tour guide"."You won't be assigned classes for several days, so I won't show you the
Class forbidden kds porn
Rooms. Besides, that's Scott's job." She remained quiet for several
minutes but then said in a low tone, "What was it like on that island?"Memories filled Chad's mind and tears filled his eyes. He quickly wiped
them away. Storm felt bad for asking and wrapped him in a warm embrace,
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
"It's alright," he said, "It was like a hell on earth. Mezmero
owned me and made sure I knew it. I hate him and I hate that dammed
island." "I want you to know, if topkds ls you ever want to just sit down and talk, I
am always available to you." Storm said and then wiped a tear that was
falling down Chad's face. She placed her hand on his back between where his
magnificent wings connected to his back. They arrived to the room that he
was going to stay in, Chad couldn't help but notice that it was arranged
differently than the ones that he looked in when the door was open. The bed was larger than the ones that he had seen. There was only
one bed in contrast to the two and three that he had seen in other
rooms. "You will be the only one in this room, I hope you don't mind. The
professor thought that since you have that whole past problem..." Her voice
trailed off because she couldn't think of how to finish that sentence
without hurting his feelings. "You mean he doesn't believe that I can integrate with fellow
students well?" Chad asked with a hurt tone of voice. "No, it's not that at all. He just thinks that you might just want
to be alone, you understand?" "Yeah," he sighed. This was going to be shy cuties kds a major change. He had
never been with more than two people in a building at a time. How was he
going to cope with an entire school small kds
of people? He had a fear of crowds and
loud noises. He would have to work on that. "You have your own bathroom and everything. You've missed supper;
do you kds fuck ru
want to follow me to the kitchen?" Storm asked. "Sure, but can I put some clothes on? My wings are starting to
cramp in this position." Chad said with a grin.
Storm laughed, is topkds legal
"Yeah, I completely forgot. There are some custom
tailored clothes in your dresser. I will wait outside." She said then
walked out closing the top kds list door behind russian kds sex
her.Chad opened his dresser and was surprised to see that Storm was right. On
the shirts, there were elastic bands in the back that would allow his wings
to go through. He chose a rape kds illigal blue shirt that was tight enough alt kds chld
to accent his
toned body. He pulled out a pair of Wranglers and some boxers and put them
on his naked body. When he finished dressing, he went out side and found
Storm waiting, just like she promised. He was excited to see that in
freedom, people kept their promises. Storm began walking and Chad followed.MEANWILE IN XAVIER'S OFFICE
"I want you to know, when you begin teaching him, go easy,
especially you, Logan." Xavier said looking at the gruff man in the back."Don't worry, pops. I can tell that he's been through hell. It is written
all over his face." Logan said."I fear that he has several different phobias as well as post-traumatic
stress disorder. He emanated a horrific past. Did a quick mind scan on
him. I am going to call Angel back here from the school in Florida and help
him get used to flying. We need to make this transition as ilegal kds smooth as
possible. Jean, I want you and Orroro to be his mentors. Make yourselves
available for him to talk. We need him to open up. I fear that this Mezmero
is a formidable enemy."
So how did you like? I forgot to put my little end note at the bottom of
the first one. Give me some feedback at mdldudewalla.com! I can't wait to
hear from you!
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